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Starting research

Don’t just use the basic search box or the first page of Google results.  Google offers a number of ways to access specific types of online sources useful for research.

Note-Taking Options and Organizing Your Research

    • Note Cards
    • Post-It Notes
    • Word Processor (with or without templates)
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Excel/Access–For information in larger quantities that is consistent in its form (e.g., the census).
    • Zotero — CHNM’s free Internet research tool

Advice from History Majors

  • Start with the bibliographic info — Jessica
  • Keep track of location of all information and note useful quotes — Justin
  • Use hanging indents to separate information in early stages — Jessica
  • Begin to organize materials by argument early on — Jessica & Cheryl
  • Use a preliminary outline to help organize — Ellen
  • Use a table to keep track of themes or arguments — Amanda
  • Color Coding — Kari

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