Example Page — Zotero

1st Video

Zotero introduction

Zotero Introduction Video

2nd Video

Dan Cohen, November 21, 2008, “New Directions in Digital History”

3rd Video

Zotero Presentation by Dan Cohen and Trevor Owens to the Library of Congress, June 11, 2007


Dan Cohen’s Blog Postings on Zotero

Dan Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig’s Digital History — Read the Introduction Section

Suggestions for Further Reading/Exploration

Dan Cohen’s articles on digital history — http://www.dancohen.org/publications/ [See right side of page.]

Digital Campus — biweekly podcast from the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Trevor Owens’s blog — The Zotero community lead (and one of the presenters at Zotero-fest 2009) blogs about games, history, and the digital world, including Zotero.  See particularly this post on using Zotero to do historical research in newspapers.

Embedding TED.com videos

When playing a Ted video, click on the Share button within the player.  Then copy the “embed” code that appears — make sure you get all of it — then paste that embed code into the HTML tab on your class session page on our course blog.


  • Professor McClurken has done a wonderful job setting up this sample page. See you at Zotero-fest!

  • I personally think that Dan Cohen’s idea for Zotaro is incredibly interesting and intelligent. There are so many times that students and scholars have to write papers and they do not give credit to the author of whom they took their writing from. The reason that these students do not give the proper recognition to the author’s work is simply because the students do not know how to do it the correct way or they cannot find where they got their information from. Dan Cohen created the idea of Zotaro to allow students to be able to reference the right text in the correct format. Zotaro works by saving a webpage that you are using as a local copy and it provides citations as well. Zotaro is capable of highlighting passages, adding Post-It notes, along with regular notes on the overall document. I think that Zotaro can be very helpful to scholars who tend to research regularly.

  • Being able to have zotero for our use is going to make things much easier for all of us. After writing a paper one of the last things you want to do is have to put a bibliography together, but now we know that all of those problems are solved. Having a program cite sources for us will not only save time, but it will also cause less stress than doing it ourselves. Also, having zetoro as an attachment for mozilla firefox is also a good thing since most poeple use mozilla nowadays because internet explorer is a thing of the past. Zotero is also very is to use to it can be used by the masses and will soon be a very popular tool for anyone who is writing a paper, I will surely use it.

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